31 Days of Lessons

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Lesson 1: Your Somewhere is Good Enough

Lesson 2: A Good Marriage

Lesson 3: Patience and the Perfect Cookie

Lesson 4: For Your Academic Life (College Edition)

Lesson 5: There is Bounty to Behold

Lesson 6: A Silver Badge of Courage

Lesson 7: The Days are Evil

Lesson 8: I’m Still Learning

Lesson 9: Listen

Lesson 10: On Selfishness and Bravery and the Art of Your Life

Lesson 11: What Yes Means

Lesson 12: O Captain! My Captain! 

Lesson 13: Err on the Side of Love


If you’re curious about the 31 Days series and where it started, check out Myquillyn at The Nester and the official 31 Days hub.

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