31 Lessons: 7. The Days are Evil

“See, then, exactly how ye walk, not as unwise, but as wise, 
redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

-Ephesians 5:15-16

I once heard the entire book of Ephesians read aloud at a conference. The part that pierced my heart?

The days are evil.

Boy–in the days of diapers and dishrags and the constant tugs of little hands at my legs or the incessant lures of Instagram or Facebook at my eyes–I know this full well.


How did I spend the minutes of today?

Today there were groceries and errands and gathering travel necessities.

There was food for the dog.

There was tutoring a student, encouraging a mom, catching up with a friend.

There was a sweet baby with the longest, darkest, most feather-like eyelashes who needed to be rocked to sleep just this time.

There were piles of laundry and sinks of dishes.

There was teaching about smiles, about balloons and fishes, about bye-bye and “sit down!”

There were fifteen minutes of peace and conversation around a meal.

There were quiet moments in the presence and truth of God.

How did I spend the minutes of today? I absolutely did not get everything done.

Yet I hope I chose to spend them lavishly with intention and attention and thanks.

May love absolutely bankrupt my moments each and every day.

That is enough.


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