31 Lessons: 6. A Silver Badge of Courage

I did a little shopping tonight.

I’m a girl who likes clothes.

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And shoes.

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And boots. Mostly boots. (All days, boots.)

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I love putting on beautiful fabrics and interesting little details and the sure footing of a good boot.

But the most important thing that I, personally, need to put on nearly every day, without fail?


How many days do I shy away from doing the hard things?

I think our tendency (my tendency) is to spend so much time decorating the outside that we never truly cultivate the inside.

(Preaching to myself here, people.)

I bought this necklace because it was a visual reminder of something I’m trying to cultivate in my own life.

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Have you ever stopped to think about what the things you wear on the outside say about what you’re trying to cultivate on the inside?

Now I’m not so crazy as to believe that wearing my courage on the outside somehow makes it more true on the inside. My actions absolutely must speak louder than my words–even the words emblazoned on my chest for the world to see.

But the thing I’m crazy enough to believe? The outside matters, too. We do have the power to move others by the way we live our lives: the things we do, the things we say, the beauty of our selves and our smiles and our hearts.

Maybe the way you live your life outwardly is the canvas for your artist soul. 

So I’m shopping tonight and the man ringing up my items notices my necklace and asks me about it, asks me why I wear it?

People notice the brushstrokes of your life. Sometimes the last people you’d expect.

If the badge I wear to call up my own bravery bolsters someone else to paint courage into the world, then I’m making art with my life.

We’re all making the world beautiful and bright.


  My sweet spoon necklace was purchased from the fun and lovely ladies at LTD 7 in Staunton, VA. 
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