10 Things Tuesday: Things that happen at 10,000 feet

a few notes from 28 miles of anniversary adventure with HB last week on the Grand Teton Crest Trail…

1. You might freak out a little. Is it the exhilaration or the lack of oxygen? WOOOOOO!!! Pretty good thing you didn’t drink that glass of wine last night.

2. Your feet begin to swell like you’re pregnant and you just ate ten thousand pickles. Hello, tiny sausage toes.

3. You marvel at the beauty and expanse of God’s creation from the heights of birds and small rodents. You traverse rocks and paths and waterfalls (!) with the speed and agility of a marmot. That is, if you’re not afraid of heights.

4. If you’re afraid of heights, you stress sweat. A LOT.

5. You really, really wish you had bought trekking poles. Or that you could Harry-Potter them into existence (did I just make Harry Potter into a verb? Yup.).

6. You really, really, really wish you had applied your sunscreen more evenly. Tan lines on the back of my calves, I’m looking at you.

7. Switchbacks. You love and hate them. On the one hand, you know you’re getting somewhere. The only problem is that somewhere is coming at you in steep fashion. This leads you to appreciate why horses wear blinders. THIS IS WHAT THOSE ZIG-ZAGGY THINGS ARE ON THE TOPO MAP, GAH!!

8. Just for a minute, you kind of feel like the whole world is a bouncy house (or a video game?) and you could just leap, leap, LEAP from mountain to mountain. See #1. Then #4.

9. You imagine that anything that isn’t trail mix or peanut butter is probably the best tasting thing on the beautiful, green, mountain-crested and valley-viewed Earth.

10. You earn permission to congratulate yourself. You remember that you can do hard things. You believed you could, so you did! With God and LOT of self-talk and with one step at a time and with the world’s best and most patient husband, all things are possible.

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