I’ll take Potpourri for $100, Alex

Let the title serve as a warning: this post is chock-full of random.

Random Nugget #1: Nugget was one of my nicknames as a child. I only thought of that as I typed the word “nugget.” This is a bad sign for how this post is going to go–it’s like my brain on Bing. Anyway, the nickname. I’m pretty sure I can blame Dad for Nugget and its many adaptations. Nugs. Pugs. Nugletoid. Nougat. Thanks, Pops!

Random Nugget #2: Yesterday was the day I was dreading. It finally happened. Cooper covertly gnawed on my flip-flop. A foam one. A foam flip-flop that happened to be Kate Spade. Oh well, let’s be serious. I got them at TJ Maxx. Still, the boots–totally off limits. I will have nightmares about that day.

Random Nugget #3: Today the second unthinkable thing happened. Cooper pooped on the carpet. In my bedroom. I spared you photo evidence of that one. You’re welcome.

Random Nugget #4: Despite both of these things, Cooper got to go on adventure today! She visited my school, HB’s office, and the pet store. I do believe she stole the rainy day blues away from all she met. How could a visit complete with puppy kisses, a wagging tail, and a few “Look at me, I’m so small and helpless, come and snuggle me” stares not leave you feeling full of love? It was her random act of kindness. She’s very selfless in that way.

Random Nugget #5: I went to Chick-fil-A today to get my favorite snack, waffle fries and a half-and-half tea (half sweet, half unsweet), but I did not get chicken nuggets. See how far this “nugget” motif has gotten me? I’m so glad I’m master of word association.

Random Nugget #6: A motif is a repeated idea or element. It can occur in literature, music, or in art. Consider yourself edumacated.

Random Nugget #7: Yesterday was the birthday of my old boyfriend Mick Jagger. Ok, maybe he was never my boyfriend, but I always referred to him as “Mick Jagger, my boyfriend” until HB put his foot down (really, HB should not worry–he will always be my boyfriend, even when I’m old and blind and can’t see his pretty green eyes anymore. I just got sad typing that.) Anyway, I saw The Rolling Stones in Charlottesville, and I will forever covet Mick’s dance moves.

Random Nugget #8: HB and I have been taking shag lessons, as in the official dance of the Carolinas. So when I say, “we practiced our shagging in the living room,” you should think beach music, not Austin Powers. We have our last lesson in less than 30 minutes, so I should probably end this post before I am tardy.

Random Nugget #9: Lateness runs in the family. It’s another thing I can thank Dad for. We used to set the clocks forward on “tricky time” so we never knew if they were 4, 6, or 9 minutes fast. It didn’t seem to help. I’m not sure why we are not punctual.

Random Nugget #10: Obviously my lack of punctuality has nothing to do with me and my chatty mouth. You never have to pull me away from a conversation! I always seem to run out of words, I’m the one to hang up the phone first, never the last one talking in the parking lot after church.

What’s that you say? I only have 25 minutes to get to my dance lesson? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?


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